Top Rated Booster Car Seats 2018 Rated and Reviewed: Ultimate Guide

Best Backless Booster Car Seats

Child in Booster Seat

Booster seats come in three types; combination seats, high back car seats, and backless boosters. Your child will usually need a different type of booster seat depending on their age or weight. If the child is old enough not to sleep or slump over when riding in the car, then a booster seat may be a very good option to consider. 

Boosters are just transition seats that the child will use before they move to using seat belts and after they move from front facing and rear facing car seats. The main function the child booster seat is to lift the child up so that they can be at the height required to fit into the vehicle's seat belts. 

An important hing to remember is that there are booster seat laws for every state and country that you need to follow when buying and using the booster seat.​

High Back Booster Seat​

There are two types of car seats, the backless and the highback booster car seat. As the name suggest the high back booster car seat is a type of seat with a back and the backless is a car seat with no back. with a high back booster seat you have a guide to thread the vehicle's shoulder belts to the car seat to ensure a snug fit for the growing child.

hence the question, how long does a child need a booster seat?​

Child booster seats may be used by a child between the ages of 4 and 11.​ A child can sit in a harnessed booster seat when they are about 4 years old and they weigh in at about 40 pounds and have exceeded the weight and height limits of their convertible car seats.

harness booster seat

Kid in Harness Booster Seat

Why High Back Booster Seats

  • High-back booster seats offer more protection for the trunk of the child's body and side protection for the child's head in the instance of a collision
  • Given that they come with a headrest, they will offer a more comfortable ride for your child especially for those long journeys
  • Most top rated high back booster seats come with a detachable back support which means you can detach the back when the child is older to make them more portable.

Our Favorite Best Rated High Back Booster Seats

Car Seat BrandPriceSafety RatingWeight (lbs)Warranty
1.Diono Monterey High BackOut of stock4.7 Stars19.21 Year
2.Graco Affix Youth Booster4.6 Stars9.11-
3.Evenflo Big Kid High Back$32.994.6 Stars8.290 Days
4.Britax Parkway SGL G1.1$119.994.5 Stars161 Year
5.Safety 1st Store N GoOut of stock4.5 Stars9.91 Year

What makes the Best High Back Booster Seats

  • High weight and height limits
  • Easy to install and comes with a manual
  • Smooth machine washable fabric
  • Easy to use and accessible harness  and base adjustment
  • Adjustable height
  • High safety ratings
  • Top safety ratings with adjustable headrest and back

Best High Back Booster Seat Reviews 2018

Diono Monterey booster seat

Diono Monterey High Back

The Diono Monterey is one of the top car seats that you can use as both a backless and high back booster seat as it comes with a detachable base

​It coems with adjustable width and height to fit the needs of your growing child

You can also pack it flat making for ease of portability or storage​ when you are not traveling with your kids

booster seat compatible with LATCH

LATCH Compatible

booster seat with headrest

Side Impact Protection with Deep Sides and Headrest

2 in 1 car seat

2 in 1 Car Seat Easily Converts to Backless

  • One of the best toddler booster seats it comes with dual easily retractable cup holders that are angled and deep enough to ensure your toddler does not leave a mess
  • Comes with eleven headrest positions that you can easily adjust with one hand for utmost flexibility
  • The height and width of the car seat are easily adjustable and expandable though an easy to use dial on the back
  •  Offers optimum side impact protection through its aluminium reinforced walls and EPS foam.
  • The seat bottom has contours to ensure that your child will never experience any submarining during travel
  • Comes in only two colors - blue and red
  • The arm rest is very short and hence may not be the best for older children

Diono Monterey Installation Video

Graco Affix Youth high back Booster Seat

Graco Affix Youth Booster Seat

The Graco Affix youth booster seat is one of the best for the independent child that want to do things themselves as it is easy to buckle themselves in.

It comes with LATCH system that makes it stable when the child is climbing in and the unique front adjustment makes for a secure installation

The Graco high back booster car seat also boasts some of the highest crash test ratings of any high back booster seat.​

booster with LATCH

LATCH Compatible

graco affix backless

Easily converts to Backless

self buckling toddler

Child Self Buckle

  • The Graco car booster seat comes with kid approved storage for child items and  integrated cup holders to ensure the drinks stay where they are supposed to
  • The headrest is fully adjustable to ensure you get the proper fit for utmost comfort and safety of your child
  • One of the easiest booster car seat to install with its front adjust LATCH system. Moreover, your toddler can easily self buckle onto this car seat
  • Following recommendations for the AAP it allows your child to ride in high back mode then easily converts to backless mode once they are old enough.
  • It is one of the best Graco booster seats and is made with EPS energy management foam to keep your child safe in the instance of a crash
  • Unlike other car seats in its class, the car seat seems quite flimsy given that it does not come with reinforced sides and walls.
  • The LATCH system on the seat which is more for securing the seat while installing confuses many parents

Graco Affix Youth Booster Installation Video

Evenflo High Back belt positioning car seat

Evenflo High Back Booster

One of the safest booster car seats out there that has met and exceeded federal crash safety standards

Comes with 6 position adjustment that is easily adjustable with just one hand

It is a 2 in 1 car seat that easily converts to a backless booster seat when your kid is old enough.​

2 in 1 booster car seat evenflo

2 in 1 car seat

Dual cup holders

One Hand adjustable height

  • A 2 in 1 car seat that easily transitions from high back to backless booster seat when your child grows up
  • The harness booster seat has an easy to use 6 position height adjustment to fit the needs of your growing kid
  • Given that you will be using the car seat for quite a long time, its machine washable cover means the seat will remain presentable for its usable life
  • Has elastic cup holders that are great for holding either a quick snack or some drinks
  • The energy absorbent foam and lining offers safety and comfort for your child's head and body
  • Does not come with LATCH which can be a huge inconvenience as the seat moves a lot when the child is getting in
  • it does feel not as sturdy as the other car seats such as the Graco car seat but it does the job of boosting pretty well

Evenflo Amp Big Kid Installation Video

Britax Parkway SGL G1.1 Belt-Positioning Booster

Britax Parkway SGL G1.1

The proprietary safe cell protection system offers optimum side impact protection while still offering utmost comfort for the child.

Coming with a quick adjust headrest and secure guard clip, the car seat keeps the child properly positioned enabling your child to ride in maximum protection and comfort.​

Britax sgl

Foam Lined Headrest and Energy Absorbent Shell

Secure Guard Belt Positioning Prevents Submarining

Easy Adjust Headrest for Growing Child

ISOFLEX LATCH Ensures the Booster does not Become a Projectile

  • Its ISOFLEX LATCH connection system enhances safety as it secures the car seat on the vehicle seats preventing them from becoming a projectile in a crash
  • Comes with a deep energy absorbing and foam lined headrests that ensure utmost comforts and safety for the baby
  • Britax secureguard belt positioning clip prevents any submarining in the instance of a collision
  • Comes with an easy to adjust headrest that you can change with the push of a button to fit the growing child
  • Removable backrest makes for easy transition to backless booster
  • The lap belt is not quite easy for the child to self buckle which could deflate the ego of the kid that would love to do it by themselves
  • The seat is a bit on the narrow side and may not be a good fit for children older than 7 or children with big bottoms
  • May not be the best car seat if your vehicle has bucket seats as the projections on the front may tear up your seats

Britax Parkway SGL Installation Video

safety 1st infant car seat

Safety 1st Store N Go Back Booster Car Seat

Works as a belt positioning booster for between 40-100 pounds and 43 to 57 inches of height

​Comes with a ten year lifespan meaning you can use it for several of your children

adjustable headrest

Adjustable Headrest for Growing Child

Drawer fro Kids Toys with Kid Friendly Latch

backless booster

Easily Converts to Backless Booster

  • Comes with a kid friendly compartment where you can keep kids toys and their fun things for a fun family ride
  • Best travel booster seat with built in cup holder on the side of the car seat compared with the tamper proof latch lock on the front compartment keeps snacks within easy reach and your car clean
  • The adjustable headrest grows with your child meaning you will travel with this car seat for a long time
  • Easily remove the back and convert the high back into a backless car seat when your child is older.
  • Feels a little bit on the flimsier side

Safety 1st Store n Go Installation Video


Of all the high back booster car seats I have reviewed, the Graco Affix Youth Booster seat gets my vote for best high booster seat. Not only is it small enough to fit in small cars, but it is also lightweight and portable for convenience, easily turns to backless booster and it also has quite a good safety rating.

It is also easy to install and can be ca​rried around given that it is a relatively lightweight car seat and is also makes it one of the best booster seats you could buy

Given its features, its price is quite affordable and I would recommend that you go for the Graco Affix Youth Booster for your child.

Backless Booster Seats

backless booster

Child in Backless Booster Seat

Backless booster seats are more or less specialized cushions that lift your child off the seat of the car allowing for a better seat belt fit. Most boosters seats will have a seat belt path that will guide you on how to install them on the vehicle car seat.

It is always advisable to read the manufacturer instructions and your vehicle owners manual when installing your backless booster seat to ensure the safety of your child. Nonetheless, most backless boosters will either have you install the seat belt through either rings or metal tubes on either side of the seat. 

Why Backless Booster Seats​

​Parents and kids alike love the backless booster car seat because of the following reasons:

  • They are compact, lightweight and typically cost less than a high back or combination booster seat
  • They not only save you money but also space given that they are small and hence may be suitable for small cars or big families or just anyone that needs a lot of space.
  • Older children prefer them given that they are not so babyish as compared to other car seats.

Our Favorite Best Rated Backless Booster Seats

Car Seat BrandPriceSafety RatingWeight (lbs)Warranty
1.Graco Backless Turbobooster4.5 stars5.46One Year
2.Evenflo Amp Performance$24.994.4 stars5.990 days
3.Cosco Top Side Booster$19.994.2 stars2.2Not Indicated
4.Clek Ozzi Licorice$59.494.1 stars6.0One year
5.Bubblebum Inflatable$29.994.0 stars1.2One Year

Important Car Booster Seat​ Rules

When can a Child Use a Booster Seat

  • A child that is too small for the vehicle belt system
  • A child that when sitting on the vehicle seat cannot bend their knees when their back is on the back of the vehicle seat.
  • A child that is under 4'9" and weighs between 40-80 pounds, is aged between 4 and 8 and is at the least 35 inches in height.
  • A child that is over the height limitations of your forward facing convertible car seat or no longer fits in its harness.

​Your car seat needs to be as high as the child's ears for it to be safe to use a backless booster seat. The reason for this is that the bottom of the skull is usually at the same height as the top of the ears. As such, if the seat is too low the child could suffer from whiplash in case of a crash. If the seat is too low you should use a high back booster which will provide protection from whiplash thus preventing serious injury to the child in the instance of a crash.

The Car Seat Lady 

Best Backless Booster Seat Reviews 2018

Backless Graco turboboost car seat

Graco Backless TurboBooster

The Graco booster car seat is one of the very best and is in fact a very popular budget car seat.

If you are one for utmost comfort and safety of your child there is none better than the Graco Turbobooster.

I have found this baby booster car seat to be very convenient as the child can easily get in and out the car seat without much trouble​.

  • One of the safest car seats that has been crash tested and passed rigorous FMVSS 213 US standards
  • One of the best booster car seats out there with stylish and comfortable seat that will have your child ride in style
  • Wide height, age, and weight range accommodating children between the ages of 4 and 10, between 40 and 57 inches tall and between 40 and 100 lbs
  • The Graco backless booster seat has integrated cup holders to prevent your young child from making a mess inside the car.
  • Does not come with LATCH connectors which can make the first install a bit daunting
  • Could be kinda narrow particularly for a big child

Graco Backless Turbobooster Seat Installation Video

Evenflo Amp Performance backless

Evenflo Amp Performance Booster Seat

belt clip

Belt Clip

Cup Holders

Dual Cup holders

Machine washable

Machine Washable Pad

Arm rest

One of the best car seats for parents who intend to use it in conjunction with other large car seats as it does not take much space.

The evenflo amp car seat is a top rated booster seat that has been tested according to federal crash safety standards and hence you can be confident that your child is perfectly safe riding this seat.

​It also comes at a great price as compared to the other car seats with similar features.

  • A small and lightweight car seat which makes it very convenient if you happen to transfer seats from car to car
  • Comes with padded armrests for better child comfort particularly on those long rides.
  • Similar to the Graco , this toddler booster seat comes with two elastic cup holders to fit almost any size cup.
  • Among the best rated booster seats with a five point harness system which makes for easy installation as you would not need strap rethreading.
  • One of the safest car backless booster seats you could buy in 2018 as it scored 2x above the federal safety standard
  • The seat may prove too narrow and thus uncomfortable for big babies

Evenflo Amp Booster Seat Installation Video

cosco backless booster

Cosco Juvenile Top Side Booster Seat

The cosco booster seat is a comfortable backless booster with plush padding that your child will enjoy riding in.

It is a slim booster seat that means you can install up to three of them in the backseat if you have a large family.

Its unique design and lightweight nature means that you do not have to worry about the seat leaving an ugly imprint on your vehicle's backseat.

​It also comes at a great price if you are looking for a budget backless booster

  • Its lightweight design makes it very portable which means you can use it for carpooling or for carsharing services such as Uber
  • The plush pad is removable and machine washable so that you don have to put up with an ugly car seat.
  • Its 100 pound weight limit means that you can use this seat for an extended period of time
  • It does not require LATCH which makes it very easy to install even if the caregiver is inexperienced with booster seats.
  • Being very small you can install it alongside larger convertible seats for optimum safety of infants and older children.
  • Might not be a good fit for bigger children given that it is so small
  • For a parent used to LATCH, this may cause some indignation as it only uses the lapbelt
Clek Ozzi Backless Booster

Clek Ozzi Backless Booster Seat

One of the more expensive baby travel boosters seat but it is so totally worth the price

Comes with quite the personality, style, and comfort to boot.

One of the very few backless boosters with LATCH to give parents used to the comfort of LATCH peace of mind.

Latch connectors

Latch Connectors Attach in Seconds

plush padding

Plush Padding for no Mumb Bum

Sleek and Lightweight Design

  • Has an additional layer of padding just like a regular car seat to ensure a comfortable ride for the child.
  • A top booster seat with a rigid LATCH system ensures the snug and secure installation of the child car seat for utmost safety.
  • Light and portable booster car seat at less than 6 pounds making ti convenient to move from car to car.
  • Made to look like the usual car seat thus ensuring the aesthetics of your car are not too much disturbed
  • The sleek cover is removable and machine washable to ensure you do not have to endure dirty or stinky child car booster seats.
  • Quite pricey as compared to other booster seats on the market though it is of a higher quality.
  • Comes with a huge non removable safety label on the front that may embarrass some children that may not want to be seen still riding in a car seat

Clek Ozzi Backless Booster Seat Installation

BubbleBum Inflatable Booster

BubbleBum Inflatable Booster Seat

Not the ordinary backless booster seat, but the Bubblebum inflatable booster seat is one of the bestselling car seats on Amazon for children between the ages of 4 and 11.

It is a small booster seat that has a lightweight frame, sleek design and portability make it a favorite for parents with a small car or simply anyone needing more space and convenience.

The fact that it comes at an affordable price also does not hurt

bubble bum inflatable booster seat

Easily Fits Three Across


Lightweight and Portable

Easily Fold and Carry in a Bag

  • the bubblebum booster seat is very easy to use, simply blow air into it, then buckle it in and you are ready to go
  • Unlike other boosters seats, it comes wiith a shoulder belt positioning clip for even greater safety for your child
  • Comes with a bag to store it in, it is lightweight and very portable making it very convenient for travel
  • It is a narrow backless booster seat allowing you a lot of legroom or space to set up car seats for your other kids
  • One of the best booster car seats in 2018 that can easily fit three in the backseat even if you have a small car.
  • The blow up booster seat does not offer much leg support and hence may not be very comfortable over long journeys
  • Threading the small seat belt guides can be quite a task, if you doing it for the first time.

Bubblebum Inflatable Booster Seat Installation Video


Of all the backless booster car seats I have reviewed, the Graco Backless Turbobooster booster gets my vote for best backless booster seat. Not only is it small enough to fit in small cars, but it is also lightweight and portable for convenience, it also has quite a good safety rating.

It is also easy to install and can be ca​rried around given that it is a relatively lightweight car seat and is also makes it one of the best booster seats you could buy

Given its features, its price is quite affordable and I would recommend that you go for the Graco Turbobooster for your child.

Use and Installation of a Backless Booster Car Seat

Before Installation

    • Ensure that you use a lap belt with your belt positioning booster.
    • You may use a backless belt positioning booster if the car has a head restraint.

Using the Booster Seat

    • As with all safety car seats, the best position for children below the age of 12 is the back seat.
    • Carefully read the vehicle owners manual and your car seat manufacturers manual on how to install the backless booster seat.Every vehicle and booster seat is unique hence the need to follow all instructions to the latter
    • Place the seat in the back seat of the car and ensure it is as flat as it can be on the car's seat.
    • Place the child on the safety seat.
    • Pull the seat belt through the belt positioning rings or loops, over the child's thighs and buckle the seat belt.
    • Adjust the lap belt to ensure a snug fit across the child's upper thighs (never have the lap belt on the stomach).
    • Check that the seat is buckled in snugly as often as you can.
    • The child can stop using the booster car seat typically when they are between the ages of 8 to 10 or when they are at least 4 foot 9.

When is the Child Ready for a Backless Booster Seat

You should never be in a rush to move a child to a booster car seat before they have attained the age, weight and height requirements of a booster seat. You need to keep in mind that every time you move a child to a different type of car seat, the level of protection reduces. As such, you need to have the child in the given car seat stage for as long as you can to ensure that they are safe.

Your kid will be ready to use a booster seat when they weigh approximately 40 to 65 pounds which means they would have outgrown the height or weight limit of their forward facing harnesses. Your car seat owner's manual will typically have instructions on the weight and height limits of your given car seat, and you should keep the kid in their harnessed seat for as long as the manual recommends.

Above 65 pounds, your child, while too heavy and tall for a harnessed ​forward facing car seat, is still too small and not ready for adult safety belts. Given that most car seat safety belts are made for the average 165 pound adult, a child will typically need to use belt positioning booster seats until they are between 8 and 12 years old or at least 4'9" in height to prevent any injury in the instance of a crash.

N.B: Whle it may be tempting to place the booster seat in the front seat, it is always advisable to keep the child in the backseat at least until age 12. A child old enough to ride in a backless seat may seem mature enough, but trust me, it is never safe for them to ride in the front seat. let them or make them ride in the backseat until they are 12 years old to ensure their safety.​

FAQs and Installation Tips

What are booster seat regulations/guidelines?

All children that have exceeded the heights and weights of their rear facing car seats need to ride in a belt positioning booster seat until the vehicle seat belt fits. This will usually happen when the child is about 4 feet 9 inches tall or when they are between 8 years and 12 years old. The child should always ride in a belt positioning booster if they are younger than 13.

When do i stop using a booster seat?

Your child will typically not need to use a child booster seat once they are old enough to use the vehicle safety belts. The minimum age for this is usually about the age of 12. You will know your child is good to use the vehicle safety belts when they can strap in the vehicle seat belts and the lap belt does not lie on their belly but goes on their laps meaning they are tall enough to use the vehicle seat belt.

Where do I buy booster seats?

You can buy booster seats at many big box retailers in your city. However, the best and widest selection of booster seats will typically be found on online sellers such as Amazon or Walmart. Buying online makes it easier to compare the different types and also check out their reviews thus allowing you to make a better buying decision.

What booster seat should i buy?

The type of booster seat you will require depends on the age of your child. A child from the age of four can use a forward facing booster seat with harness and back and switch to high back booster seat with seat belts from about age 8. From age 8 they can use backless or high back booster seats depending on fit (height and weight requirements).

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