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Rear Facing In Rear End Collisions

  Last Update November 12th, 2016 I have been asked on several occasions whether or not rear facing would really be safe if you were to be rear ended. My response up until now has been that frontal and side impact crashes are the most fatal accidents, and that serious rear impact accidents are not very […]

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Types of Child Car Seats: What Child Safety Seat Should You Buy In 2017

For every parent what car seat to buy is an important question given the different features and functionalities they offer. Car seats will usually come in three types: booster seats, convertible car seats (these include 3-in-1, combination car seat and all-in-1 seats), and infant car seats. To ensure you children’s safety while traveling , it is important […]

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Car Seat Guidelines 2017: The (DOs AND DONT’s) of Convertible Car Seats

Last Update October 27th, 2016 Convertible car seat safety is a critical aspect for every parent to master. There are many mistakes that we make as parents when we install or use infant seats. This article gives Car seat guidelines for 2017 that will ensure the safety of your child. It is important to ensure the […]

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