How to Clean a Stroller – The Ultimate Guide for 2018

How to Clean A Stroller

How to Clean A Stroller

After buying that stroller or travel system or infant car seat not many parents ever think that down the road they may have to clean them.

However given that kids spend a lot of time in their strollers whenever you are out of the house, the stroller will inevitably get dirty from leaky diapers, mashed fruit, cookie crumbs, spilled milk that can result in gross stains that need to be got rid of.

However, cleaning the stroller or travel system is not as straightforward as any other baby equipment you may have.

As such we have written this step by step procedure for cleaning up the stroller system to ensure it retains its awesome looks and keeps your child safe from all the germs and dirt the stroller accumulates over time. 

The Tools

How to Go About It

One of the worst things you can do is to let the stroller get gross before deciding to clean it. To ensure that you have a better chance of getting the stroller clean it is important that you clean the mess almost immediately after it is made.

For wet dirt from apple sauce, baby food and drinks, use a spoon or knife to get the bulk of the dirt out immediately. You should always have these utensils handy when you are out with the stroller rather than use paper towels that could just work the stains into the stroller fabric.

When you get home you should get down to do a thorough cleaning  that will involve the use of two or more of the items from the cleaning kit.

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"It is important to use each cleaning tool all over the entire surface of the stroller rather than trying to clean one section at a time"

How to Clean the Stroller

  • Get Rid of the Crumbs with a Hand Vacuum: Suck up all the crumbs with a hand vacuum such as the Cordless Vacuum, WELIKERA which will remove most crumb types from the stroller
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  • Remove the detachable parts: Remove the fabric, cup holders, and storage trays and baskets from the stroller. Check if the manufacturer instructions for any parts that may or may not be suitable for a dishwasher or washing machine. Ensure you have pictures of where every part comes from so that reattaching will not be a problem. 
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  • Clean Crevices with a Tooth Brush: One there is no solid dirt on the stroller, get a toothbrush and dip it into warm soapy water to scrub off the remnants of stains on the fabric. For any particles in the harness buckle and hard to reach places and cracks use the wooden grilling skewers 
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  • Wipe Down the Stroller with the Terry Cloth Towel: Dip your terry cloth towels in warm mild soapy water and scrub down the fabric of the stroller and scrub away any dirt uncovered in the previous process. Most manufacturers will typically recommend the type of soap that would be suitable for your stroller. If there is no recommendation on the tag use laundry detergent or mild soap. Given that most removable fabrics are a tight fit, it is advisable to let it dry while it is on the stroller.
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  • Lubricate and Clean the Tires: Once you are one with the fabric, clean the wheels. Given the wheels will typically be dirtier than the other components, clean them last so that the dirt does not come into direct contact with the fabric that the child sits on. Use lubricants recommended by the manufacturer for your wheel bearings and let the wheels dry out fully. 

Factors to Consider

When when looking for a car seat to buy, it is always advisable to get one that will provide the least inconvenience when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. 

  • The best strollers and travel systems that are easiest to clean will typically have plastic frames making them easy to wipe down.
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  • Avoid strollers with ruffles, and piping on the seat, basket, handles, and snack trays. The fewer the crevices are the easier it will be to clean the stroller.
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  • Finally it would be best to go for a stroller that has busy or darker shades which for the most part may disguise or hide stains from the stroller for longer.

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